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Kent Marketing – The Importance Of Mobile Websites
POSTED: August 4th, 2011

Mobile Websites

The way business is conducted these days is now different so much has changed from traditional methods of marketing and selling products. The most effective way to market your local business and attract more customers is through the internet.  Internet marketing is now the benchmark for marketing local small business, it determines whether you win or lose in business.

Advancements in technology have made it possible to get internet on your mobile phone, you can now even get broadband connect on your phone for fast internet access. This new innovation has opened the doors for new modes for marketing of local small businesses. It has become increasingly vital for businesses looking to make in on the market to embrace technology and create mobile websites. If you want your business to go global then the best thing is to open a mobile website, it is designed to capture the market of people who like to access the internet on the go.

The benefits of mobile websites go beyond just having a presence on the internet. Accessibility is the major benefit of mobile websites, more if not most people in the world have access to mobile phones than to computers; most people would rather use mobile phones for communication than other forms of communication like emails, the mobile world web is growing in popularity fast with more people using their phones to access the internet.

The main reasons you should have a mobile websites are, most people find using a mobile phone easier than using a computer. Mobile websites have made it easier for you to access this cross-section of the market. The iPhone and other smart phones using windows mobile have made browsing the internet a piece of cake, which even new users can quickly master. Mobile phone prices have dropped significantly, and with more internet features being added, mobile phones have become the easiest and cheapest way to access the internet.

By starting a mobile website for your small local business you ensure that when a customer types in your URL from their phone, they are instantly recognized by a mobile channel user and they are quickly redirected to a device/mobile optimized experience. This way it is easier for your customer to interact with you as don`t have to download an application that will allow them to interact with you.

Many transactions are now being done through mobile phones/devices, which is why it is important that businesses take advantage of this ever growing market. Each year the number of people opting to use their mobile phones/device to access the internet is growing, the growth is about 150% in the last decade alone. Research has shown that 40% of people who own mobile phones go online at least once a day, and that someone searching online with their mobile device is 7 times more likely to buy than someone on a computer. Creating a mobile website is easy, simple with DIY software tools; it is also very cost effective.

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