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Text message marketing or SMS marketing is taking off in a huge way for local businesses with millions of pounds being invested in it in 2011 alone. By looking at the chart below you can clearly see the future is set to absolutely explode with text message marketing is the US is anything to go by.  It is critical to keep one thing in mind, today when people leave their home they always have three things 1) Their keys 2) Their Wallet/Purse and 3) Their cell phones and they want instant access to information.  Currently in today’s environment there are approximately five billion mobile phones being used throughout the world.


FACT: 95% of Text Messages Are Read in the First Fifteen Minutes

Most individuals that are involved with email marketing will tell you that they are lucky to have a 20% open rate when doing email marketing, which is a fantastic rate.  However, the negative to this for business owners is that these emails could be read hours or even days later.  If you are promoting a special offer for that day this obviously will crush your marketing plans.  This is not even counting the spam filters that most marketing messages are caught in.  Comparing this to text message marketing with a 95% opening rate within 15 minutes I think you can see the stunning possibilities here!

Take into consideration that you are having a slow day and you want to bring some customers into your business.  All you would have to do is simply send out a text message to your list with a special offer for the day and you will instantly have the ability to fill your day with clients, all from a simple text message.

Text Message Marketing Can Increase Your Business by 25% to 100%

Statistics show that it costs seven times more money than it does to receive repeat business from a existing client.  Most business owners are well aware of this but they do not know how to properly target their current clients and are looking for somebody to show them how to maximize their profits for their current client base.  By using our services with text message marketing you will learn how we can provide you with a system that will drive in 25% to 100% more business to your company on a monthly basis.  Ask yourself this, what would an additional 25% of business do for you on a monthly basis?

Text Message Marketing Service – How does it work for Kent businesses?

It’s very simple, all you do if create a unique keyword with us, lets say “Accountant” and we map you to the short code 60777.  So on your business literature you might include a phrase such as … Text Accountant to 60777 to receive updates on your accounts and tax return…

When someone subscribes they will be send an automatic text message, which you can us to divert them your to mobile website, video or whatever you need to market. You then have them on your list to send text messages to in the future.

Using a QR Code is a great way to get someone to subscribe to your list. Try it now. Download a free barcode scanner from your smart phone app store and then scan this barcode onto your phone. Alternatively text HPHRQ to 60777 to see how it works. Text messages are charged at your regular rate, and are generally free.

Text Message Marketing Service Kent– Where do I begin?

If you would like to learn more about text message marketing and how it can benefit your business I ask that you get in touch with us by requesting a call back below, contactin us via our contact page or giving JC Enterprise in Sevenoaks a call on 01732 462451.  We will provide you with a free consultation about how text message marketing can greatly increase your monthly ROI.


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