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Kent Marketing – Facebook ? Does Your Business Need It…
POSTED: August 11th, 2011
Facebook KentIn times of recession as well as expensive advertising today, the web is a highly effective place to attract your customers. To validate the former sentence, lets talk about how Facebook is highly vital to a small business today.
Facebook is the rage when you consider social networking sites. Millions of people from all over the world spend hours on it and hence it is important for you to understand how can you use it to your advantage. To start with, every public personality, event, cause and even businesses have their pages. These pages are a common ground for you as a seller to co-exist with your buyers or consumers. Creating a page can open many doors for you and give you the following options - 

Do your own advertising
You may have a clothing line or a pet accessory brand, Facebook for small businesses has a way of making each business count as much as the others. Putting up pictures, banners, posters is advertising your products, only here for a minimal cost as good as free. Not only that, you can have all your fans or customers in a friendlist and reach out to them through a mail without having to pay anyone for acquiring the contact.
You can also create small ads on Facebook which feature on the right hand side at a minimal cost with a description and image of your business uploaded by you
Do your own market research
Did you ever think, comments on a social networking website like Facebook or the amount of likes can actually help you gauge the reaction of your audience or do test marketing? We think not but then it has come to be. Do you have to pay big for the information – Nope.
The word of mouth advantage
One thing that is most crucial to get a small business to acquire a substantial amount of target audience is to make sure satisfied customers tell the unaware ones. On Facebook, this takes place through instant chat or most of the times when a highly happy customer shares it within their contacts by posting a status message regarding you. They have the power to tag your page, add your pictures etc. Just like viral advertising, word of mouth over here can make you an established business.
Stay connected
Facebook like a phone is your instant contact with all your fans and target audience on the website. The social networking literally lets you treat them like your friends by tagging them in your new post about a sale, a new product line or a verbal ad or even share any special news. The best part of the website is that it helps you build a bond with your target audience. A virtual assistant or you as the administrator can post back and forth and answer any queries and requests from your friend list.

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