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Kent Marketing – Online Reputation Management
POSTED: April 17th, 2011

Reputation Management Services


Reputation Management



Reputation Management is a critical component companies need to take into consideration with their online presence.  Many businesses do not look into their online reputation and when they do it is clear to see why their business is slipping in many ways.  With instant access to the Internet today individuals will not hesitate to leave negative reviews about your company if they had a bad experience.  It is critical to keep in mind that with the increased use of smart phones such as the iphone and Android based phones people have a quick way to post their thoughts about your company.  A person that is not pleased with their service will go out of their way to post a negative review.  Obviously negative reviews in relation to your company can easily make the difference in new clients coming in for your products or services.  Many people today instantly take to the internet in order to determine what others are stating about your company.

Now a days people are not turning to their phone book to find out how to get in touch with you.  They are turning to the use of Google and the Google Places listings in order to find out not only your contact information, but they are looking to find out how others in the community are viewing your company as a whole.  By having a poor reputation on the internet you are losing a great deal of business and this can ultimately put you out of business when you competition is using proper reputation management services.  By properly maintaining your online reputation you will actually be able to greatly increase the amount of business you are doing because people generally trust the reviews of others in their community.

Believe it or not, and it is unfortunate but there are competitors that will harm your reputation on purpose in order to cause damage to your great reputation.  Do not ignore this fact as it can literately crush your business overnight!  The good news is if you conduct proper reputation management you can combat such deceptive measures that your competitors will use against you.  It is an absolutely critical aspect all businesses should be monitoring on a daily basis.

Reputation Management With Social Media

The use of Google is not the only area your reputation needs to be constantly monitored at.  Social media has been exploding as of late, especially in the areas of Facebook and Twitter.  People are constantly using these services, even while at your location of business.  Remember how above we were discussing the increased use of smart phones and this gives people instant access to your Facebook and Twitter pages.  If you have an customer that is not pleased with their service, I can assure you that they will be leaving some negative press on your social media sites.  Using proper reputation management services is also an area that needs to be addressed instantly on social media websites.  The reason behind this is the information is instantly accessible by all of your fans and all of their friends!

Reputation Management Services

If you are serious about your company and realize that maintaining your reputation online today is a critical component of any successful business than I applaud you for realising that.  Managing your reputation online is not a difficult task, but it must be done in a way as to not upset the major search engines.  By not properly managing your reputation online it can cause you other hidden problems within the world of the internet.  If you would like to have a free consultation in regards to reputation management services, please contact us today and we will get you moving in the proper direction.

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