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As your more than aware, consumers no longer need to sit down at a desk to access the Internet, instead they just use their phone or other handheld device. The smart phone is a revolutionary device which is rapidly changing the way we do things and is fast becoming the ultimate handheld gadget. So what does that mean for your business?

The are over 5 billion mobile phone users in the world and only 1.9 billion Internet users, so straight away we are dealing with something which is almost 3 times the market size. The mobile revolution is huge, but you don’t need me to tell you that.

This means there is a fundamental shift in how people are communicating with each other. Most mobile phone buyers will report that text messaging and social media are the most important features on their phones, with the typical user sending more text or social media messages than mobile phone calls, something which wasn’t happening 5 years ago.

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In the US and Far East, some universities and companies have stopped distributing email accounts and simply communicate via social media and instant messaging services via handheld devices. Applications which can can installed on ipads for example, allow specific communication portals to be available for the users.

Experts claim that by 2015 the smart phone would have taken over and there will no longer be a use for the personal pc at home. It’s a bold statement, but something which is maybe not so wild after all, for example, we’re already seeing smart TV’s on the shops shelves and it wont belong until we’re interacting our smart phones with them.

So we’ve established people are now communicating differently to how they were 5 years ago, but how are they looking for products and services? Ask yourself the question, ask your customers the question, you’ll soon get the picture. In fact, we recently did a street survey in Tunbridge Wells high street asking the regular members of the public about their spending habits, and sure thing, Google topped the lot. For us, it was no surprise, we’ve been studying the trends for years, that’s our job. For you, well, you may not have realised. The trend still keeps moving, like communication, people, or in this case your customers, are searching for products via Google. And Google, is just one of the things your customer takes with them everyday tucked away in their pocket.

So ask yourself the question, what does my website look like from a smart phone, a blackberry, an ipad or other handheld device? and is my business communicating with my customers using smart phones, social media and google?


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