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Kent Marketing – Local Business SEO
POSTED: August 11th, 2011

There is no doubt in the fact that importance of advertising your local business on the internet is very high. You may wonder how simple and convenient it is to use google or other search engines for the benefit of your business. You can start doing it by letting the Google Local Business Center know about it. As soon as you do that, you will see instant results, which would help your business grow further.

Upon your submission, Google will firstly confirm it as a legitimate business and then make your website authorized to be accessed by visitors. Now comes the most important aspect SEO to make your site more search engine friendly by using proper keywords and get a good google ranking. Local business SEO is important so that your website appears for the targeted keywords correctly and receives more visitors to it.
The right search engine
The first thing that you must consider for the purpose is that your site needs to be indexed rightly, for, this is going to make your site appear for the people who are looking for business that you have. For this, submit your site to the search engine which keeps its index updated from time to time, so that the search engine will keep checking your site and keep it there in its relevant catalogue.
Using  keywords
Do a research and find out the words and phrases people generally type for your kind of business. Once you know this, include them in the text that you have on your main page. Be careful of using the right keyword density and avoid overuse of these.
Name Tags
Name tags play an extremely important role in getting your site indexed rightly. Tags for each page are essential, to deter its positioning. This means, that whatever business you have, the names of the items should be tagged for the relevant page. For example if you have a website for readymade garments, your page for men’s apparels must contain the keyword “men’s apparel”, similarly for other pages like “kids dresses”, “women’s western outfits” and so on.
Adding your city name

For local business SEO, adding the name of the city makes it a better option for consideration by the local buyers. This gives more benefit to your business by increasing the number of visitors to your site and in turn more business. Making individual web pages for different locations if your business has branches in different locations, then ensure that each location has a separate web page. This helps in placing the webpage correctly as per google places. Doing this gets the visitors from the right location to your site. Ensure that each webpage gives the validated and updated information of your business along with the localized address. The search engines would then add your site to their local online listings. This way, the visitors would know your physical location and would visit there. Knowing the importance of SEO and following the guidelines would definitely help your website getting a good search engine ranking and proper local online listing.

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