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Kent Marketing – Google Places Redefines Online Marketing
POSTED: August 27th, 2011

Using online marketing as the most advantageous business strategy is a no-brainer. It is self-evident why traditional markets have opted to plunge into the current waves of maximizing the powers of web tools to expand businesses.

Media advertisers have bowed to SEOs, and almost everything that is on the global market is found on social networks. If you are, in fact, googleable, you will never have problems of product and service advertising. Back then, and by ‘then’ I mean decades prior the Social Networks Era, television and radio advertisers needed not to worry about their lesser competitors – local businesses that merely depended on the Yellow Pages, struggling-to-be-noticed fliers, and word-of-mouth testimonials. Yes, these methods managed to survive, but any business would know better than handing pieces of papers or going to radio stations to place ads, unless you’re not after profit, that is.

Fortunately, every human being is now entitled to make use of that one thing that makes everything accessible, fuelling our desires to be updated with every bizarre thing that is on the market – the Internets – plus, you get to save on paper and the advertisement is just there, on a webpage, awaiting passers-by, aka potential customers.

Internet has become the god of advertising, growing at a speed inversely proportional to that of its competitors. It’s easy to use, has a wider – if not global – coverage, makes your campaign more profitable, gets you more relevant leads, is informative at a relatively low cost, and helps improve the branding of your company and all the stuff and services you can offer to all sorts of audiences. SEOs, specially, make online advertising miles ahead on the unconventional advertising methods. Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and now Google Places are just some of the best web tools to help you plan for your needs.

Google Places has redefined the meaning of easy. Why look at the sloppy entries in the Yellow Pages if Google Places can give you a page-long entry about your favorite pet shop? Local SEOs hand you all the methods possible to engage a customer with your business through tags, word analysis, blog entries, photos, and articles. If you’re new to the entire web-related fad, you might want to consider consulting with the SEO Traffic Lab that will be more than happy to assist you in your SEO needs.

To garnish your plot to web domination, Google Places will be the determining factor to your success. It is free to use and will locate you even if you’re dressed up as an invisible ten story building. You will just have to create your page and wait for people to find you. Easy.

Take the stress out of Google and let us at the Kent Marketing Blog do the hard work for you.


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