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Kent Marketing – Google Latitude Mobile App
POSTED: September 9th, 2011

With the advent of Android devices, companies are producing numerous applications to show off their edge in the Android scene. One particular example is the Google Latitude. This clever application lets the user allow certain people to view their current location. With the users Google account, their location is mapped on Google Maps. The information can be controlled by the user from the accuracy to any detail the user wants to share. This mobile phone tracking application, coupled with other global positioning systems, has increased due to its easy use and compatibility with other operating systems.

With the popularity of Google Places, another application by Google, companies and small businesses have taken advantage of this application. With most companies having their own business listing page, with a few tweaks done on Google Latitude, every time a user visits that company the information can be seen by hundreds of people. The user can post reviews and photographs of the company to their Google accounts which can be shared to the users’ friends. This application is also useful to other people, with just a click of a mouse or just checking their phone, it would provide an accurate map and description of the company’s location.

This application is very helpful to small and local businesses as this provides free advertising. With information freely available on the internet and on mobile phones, this assures that even obscure businesses have the chance to be recognized. Social networking sites like Twitter and the hugely popular Facebook, have helped in the growth of local and small businesses. Creating a Facebook account won’t hurt you either. This would give the chance for more people to discover and visit the location. With free applications like Google Latitude and Google maps, this would attract people to come and visit.


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