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Kent Marketing – An Effective Way To Lure New Customers
POSTED: June 15th, 2011

Hotpot vanished, but only in name. Google Places has incorporated in its page this unique feature and also made a few changes around the edges, such as to the Google Map box and Adwords. Google is taking its plan to virtually connect everyone to higher levels, it would appear.

For those who do not know Hotpot, here is a short overview.

To facilitate Google Places’ attempt to social networking, the creators included a service boasting of a user-friendly interface which enabled Google users to create nicknames, supply reviews and ratings for local businesses, and sharing these pieces of information to their online friends. This major development in Google Places established deeper connections between local businesses and their customers. Thanks to this added feature, the public became more inquisitive and rather careful in choosing places to go to and writing reviews on. On the other hand, businesses strive to generate the best reviews by serving their customers in the best ways possible.

Reviews are posted in real time, and with the help of online directories Google Pages embeds related feedbacks to settle your inner-skeptic. Using Google Places now is fun and personal because your opinion matters, not only to you, but also to your fellow food-hunters.

So how do you maximize your networking? As you base your future operations on the reviews submitted by your clients, you will manage to visualize your business’ development. How many times have you ever wished to know what your customers think of your cupcakes? You can change everything that is wrong and use the reviews to your advantage – which of course is to secure customer satisfaction. Don’t you just love receiving compliments when truly deserved and having these on your webpage for everyone to see? You will not have to worry about spreading the word out – people will be doing that for you. And you wouldn’t mind either replying to the reviews or thanking your customers for all the sweet words. Indeed, Google consistently continues to outdo itself and provide us with the best answers to our queries.

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