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Kent Marketing – Google Places Goes Mobile
POSTED: August 30th, 2011

Google is a champion when it comes to shockers. As if Places were not a great standout web tool on its own, Google has integrated another nice improvement to its algorithm – now smartphone users can see at the bottom of their screens icons for Restaurants, Coffee, and Bars. By selecting “More,” Fast Food, What’s Nearby, Shops, ATMs, Gas Stations, Attractions will appear, and voila, you have the world in your palm.

Business owners embrace this addendum to the Google family as the ultimate way of letting the public know that their store is just around the corner, and this new way of advertising is just the best way to reach millions of people on the go without spending precariously huge amounts of money. One just needs to tap his icon of choice and geolocation will provide instant results, which by the power of geolocation, are listed specific to the area you’re in. Amazing, huh?

Let me tell you about Google Places in Mobile. It does the same stuff it is expected to when accessed through computers, but computers cannot be carried around like mobile phones, of course. Think of it this way. You’re at this Korean restaurant your friend rated five stars on Hotpot, and while you’re there waiting for your kimbap to be served by the cute waitress who looks like someone you’d see on  a TV commercial as a skin product endorser, you’re reading again the 67 reviews hoping to get the same service as your friends did. Afterwards, while waiting for the bill to arrive, you will be already posting your feedback using your mobile phone and thanking Google Places for leading you there. Quick links will also be available, along other improvements in the browser search capabilities and the Instant Preview feature – scrolling infinitely through images of suggested pages as easy as hovering over links on a desktop search.

Google Places in Mobile has nothing but advantages. Nothing to lose, everything to gain, at your fingertips.


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