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The vast majority of local customers start with a web search. The lion’s share of that traffic goes to the web sites on the front page of Google. You would think that if your website is on Google’s first page, prospects should pour in. Lots of businesses throw time and money trying to get their [...]

What are SEO services London and how will an SEO company in London help me? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This involves optimising your website so it ranks well in the organic search results (also called natural search results) for your desired keywords, in other words, making your website search engine-friendly. The ultimate goal [...]

SEO Strategy   It’s understandable that after all of the ranking changes and penalties which Google has been giving out lately, its left you wondering what’s the safest SEO strategy, and there’s no safer way that actually owning your entire link network and having full control of what goes into your main site and being able to [...]

  Try To Avoid Negative SEO – That’s Matt’s Message! If you’ve been the target of negative SEO, then we can help you get your backlink profile cleaned up. Negative SEO consists of methods your competitors or hackers will use to try and make your business lose it’s rankings. This is common with competitors linking [...]

Dissatisfied with the performance of your website? Could it be time to take a closer look at your websites pages. I often say to clients, give it to a 10 year old and ask them to… place an order, ask a question, find what they’re looking for.     Tip: You should step back and [...]

The business environment has changed over the years, with most business transaction taking place on the internet it is vital the local small businesses embrace this new technology and start benefiting from the internet. The most effective way to market your local business and attract more customers is through the internet. The internet is the [...]

  Social media and blogs are a key part to any marketing strategy.  Here are 6 ways they help grow your business: Quick to Start. You could launch a Facebook page today or get a blog going in a few days. Low Cost. You can get started in social media and blogging for very little or [...]

Social Media is the Marketing Tool that will Make or Break Your Business If you are not using social media as part of the marketing strategy for your business, then the only thing you are accomplishing is losing business to your competitors. Your competitors are using social media to attract new clients and communicate with [...]

If you would like a copy of my new publication “Getting Started With Local SEO”, then signup to my marketing club above to receive your essential copy.

Sign up for free to the Kent Marketing Club and receive a complimentary Google Places ebook. This latest edition from the Kent Marketing Club gets under the bonnett on how to generate new business online in 2012. Watch our short clip here..

                                            Kent Marketing Blog will be bringing out their new Mobile Marketing ebook, free to all their subscribers. If mobile marketing is something your business is interested in, then make sure you keep your eyes [...]

With the advent of Android devices, companies are producing numerous applications to show off their edge in the Android scene. One particular example is the Google Latitude. This clever application lets the user allow certain people to view their current location. With the users Google account, their location is mapped on Google Maps. The information [...]

Google is a champion when it comes to shockers. As if Places were not a great standout web tool on its own, Google has integrated another nice improvement to its algorithm – now smartphone users can see at the bottom of their screens icons for Restaurants, Coffee, and Bars. By selecting “More,” Fast Food, What’s [...]

Using online marketing as the most advantageous business strategy is a no-brainer. It is self-evident why traditional markets have opted to plunge into the current waves of maximizing the powers of web tools to expand businesses. Media advertisers have bowed to SEOs, and almost everything that is on the global market is found on social [...]

If you really want to keep your business on the go, thinking big is what you should do. A lot of online businesses are now popping up and competition is very tight. To make your online business prosper and grow thinking of strategies is a good option.  You have to bring your online business to [...]

There is no doubt in the fact that importance of advertising your local business on the internet is very high. You may wonder how simple and convenient it is to use google or other search engines for the benefit of your business. You can start doing it by letting the Google Local Business Center know [...]

In times of recession as well as expensive advertising today, the web is a highly effective place to attract your customers. To validate the former sentence, lets talk about how Facebook is highly vital to a small business today. Facebook is the rage when you consider social networking sites. Millions of people from all over [...]

Mobile Websites The way business is conducted these days is now different so much has changed from traditional methods of marketing and selling products. The most effective way to market your local business and attract more customers is through the internet.  Internet marketing is now the benchmark for marketing local small business, it determines whether [...]

Hotpot vanished, but only in name. Google Places has incorporated in its page this unique feature and also made a few changes around the edges, such as to the Google Map box and Adwords. Google is taking its plan to virtually connect everyone to higher levels, it would appear. For those who do not know [...]

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