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5 Things To Think About On Website Performance
POSTED: February 4th, 2013

Dissatisfied with the performance of your website? Could it be time to take a closer look at your websites pages. I often say to clients, give it to a 10 year old and ask them to… place an order, ask a question, find what they’re looking for.

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Tip: You should step back and take a neutral look on your site and find the simplest things on there and make them easier.

Check: Are your pages fast enough?
Check: What is your website about?
Check: Do your visitors get lost on your site?
Check: Do your web pages look good and up-to-date?
Check: Do you offer compelling content?





Are your pages fast enough?

Slow loading pages are frustrating for visitors, websites will get penalised by Google and pages will often not display correctly or possibly time-out in different browsers or mobile devices. Heavy images are usually unnecessary and reducing the size of them or using a different format will help your page speed. Be selective with 3rd party plugins and you should really only use asynchronous JavaScript where possible.


What is your website about?

Make each page relevant to a topic, do not diversify and cram everything onto one page. Your visitor is looking for specific information, so make sure that your pages are clear to the subject and fully optimised using related keywords. Make it EASY EASY EASY.


Do your visitors get lost on your site?

Good navigation is vital. The usability of your site will influence your rankings in Google. Always make sure your users know where they are and what options they have. Study Google in-page analytics and find out where people are leaving your site, it might be something as simple as they didn’t know where to click next because they didn’t have the option to go to the next page.


Do your web pages look good and up-to-date?

Content, content, content. Keep your website up-to-date and relevant, make sure you reference new content and blog posts across your social media networks. Google will pick these up.


Do you offer compelling content?

Content should be informative, interesting and if your promoting a service contain a call to action. Think about what questions the visitor will be looking for and try and answer them. The more information you provide the better.

If your looking for a FREE comprehensive .pdf report on how your website page is performing and what you need to do in order to get it onto the first page of Google, then email me today: or request a call back at the bottom of this page.



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  • Roach says:

    I spend a lot of time working on my websites performance after I have got some bare setting for my website to go off. Performance is very important for me as I want to make the visits for all my members and potential members the best possible to keep them around. I get all my main pages checked and have a nice flow so that users feel comfortable.

  • GAF says:

    Performance does matter. I was on a site with horrible load times a while ago and I commented on it as well as giving ways to solve and improve like you have here but they did not listen to me so I had to find another option.

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